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How to Lower Your Connecticut Water Bill: 4 Easy Tips Posted by Wattson on May 9, 2017

how to lower connecticut water bill

Conserving water is more than just helpful for the environment, it's useful to your wallet, too (a.k.a. energy saving). If your Connecticut water bill could use a little trimming, try these tips to slim it down. Saving Water in the Kitchen Cutting your Connecticut water bill is easy when you start in the kitchen. When hand washing d...

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Top 5 Environmental Issues CT Homeowners Should Care About Posted by Wattson on May 2, 2017

environmental issues CT homeowners should care about

The science is in: climate change is real. Rising temperatures and sea levels, warming oceans, shrinking glaciers, extreme weather events and ocean acidification are here to stay. Too many people think that the idea of environmental issues only applies to oceans, forests, and parks, but Connecticut homeowners are also affected by the ...

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