7 Furnace Service Tips to Survive This Winter Season

Posted by Wattson on Oct 19, 2016

furnace service tips to survive winter

Your furnace is your best friend when the cold hits hard. But when was the last time you took a look at it? Furnace service is the key to your heating system’s optimal performance. Regular maintenance will ensure that you’ll have heat when you need it the most.

Try these 7 tips to keep your furnace running like brand new.

1. Call in a professional.

Strange noises coming from the basement? Not sure if your home is ready for a New England winter? The easiest way to find out if your furnace is running properly is to get an Energize CT home energy assessment.

2. Don’t let another one bite the dust.

Dirt and dust are a diabolical duo. Using a vacuum to regularly clean in and around your furnace can do the trick. Pay careful attention to your furnace’s blower and the motor.

3. Keep the filters clean so that they can keep the furnace clean.

A buildup of soot in a dirty filter can cause your furnace to run inefficiently and reduce its lifespan. Cleaning the filter may work, but consider replacing the filter if problems persist.

4. Look at the belts before you kick the heat up a notch.

Make sure the belts on the blower and motor are not frayed or cracked; this could lead to some serious problems in the near future. If you see warning signs, consider replacing the belts before your whole furnace stops running.

5. Upgrade to an energy-efficient furnace model.

You might not have been planning to splurge on a new furnace, but it is an investment with big returns. You’ll see your energy bills decrease immediately; long-term, your energy savings will cover the cost of buying a new furnace.

6. Venting is necessary.

Blocking a vent can cause your furnace to work harder than it should, leading to energy loss and higher energy bills. Check your vents regularly for obstructions to prevent this problem.

7. Get with the program!

A programmable thermostat, along with your furnace, are an energy-efficiency dream team. Like your house cooler while you sleep? Plan on being away from home all day? No problem. Set heating schedules to keep your furnace from working overtime.

Don’t wait till winter gets here to take the first step for your furnace service. A home energy assessment can give you insight not only into your furnace’s well-being, but also other problem areas in your home.

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