Want Lower Energy Bills? Here’s the Best Way to Do It

Posted by Wattson on Nov 22, 2016

how to lower energy billsTime and money. It’s something we can never have enough of. After a long week at work, the last thing you want to do is invest in a weekend DIY project. But then again, you’re tired of spending most of your disposable income on your energy bills. We’ve discovered the secret to lower energy bills, but there’s something you need to know first.

Steep energy prices in Connecticut

Sure, you may live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, but you’re paying through the nose for it. Did you know that Connecticut homeowners pay one of the highest prices per Kilowatthour for electricity in the country?

The October 2016 report of the U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the average price in Connecticut is 18.76 cents per Kilowatthour. They rank #4 on this list. Keep in mind that the average rate around the country is only 12.90 cents per Kilowatthour.

Electricity prices aren’t the only thing CT homeowners need to worry about. CT ranks #1 in the monthly home heating oil costs in New England. Utility prices are only going to increase during this long and cold winter, but that doesn’t mean that your energy bills have to.

Schedule a home energy audit with an energy expert

You don’t have to change your habits to lower your home’s energy consumption. A home energy audit will point out where you’re wasting energy and help make those areas more efficient. Each audit lasts between 4 to 6 hours and includes:

Air Sealing

You lock your doors at night to keep your family safe. Why not do something to protect the heat in your home? During your audit, a technician will perform a blower-door test to discover the areas that need air sealing. What happens when you seal the problem areas around your home? We bet you’ll find yourself staying away from your thermostat and saving a bundle on heating costs.

Duct System Assessment, Testing and Sealing

Has your heating and/or cooling system been less than reliable lately? Before you replace it, let our energy expert give it a second look. Conditioned air may be slipping through the cracks and not making it to its final destination. Our technician will make sure that your pipes are sealed up tight and insulated so that air can get from point A to point B smoothly.

Water Conservation

Did you know that your hot water heater is one of the biggest energy users in your home? Whether it’s powered by electricity, oil, or gas, cutting down your hot water usage is key to a lower energy bill. Some methods include installing low-flow showerheads… and shaving a few minutes off of your shower. You’ll actually be doing your body a favor. Hot showers dry out your skin.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Never be in the dark again with energy-efficient lighting. Replacing your home’s light bulbs is actually a great way to lower your energy bills. During your audit, a technician will install more efficient lights around your home.

Home Energy Rebates

Improving the energy efficiency of your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, let Energize CT put a dent in the bill. A home energy audit performed by an Energize CT partner like Energy Monster may qualify your home for rebates on:

  • Insulation to beef up your home’s ability to retain heat in the winter, cool air in the summer
  • Energy-efficient, non-drafty windows
  • Heating/cooling systems that will keep your home toasty or crisp, as needed
  • Your purchase of a natural gas boiler, and more.

Our technician will teach you about federal tax credits, financing options, as well as develop an energy saving plan. In 2015 alone, the Energize CT program has helped consumers save an estimated $968 million on lifetime energy savings.

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