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Posted by Wattson on Aug 21, 2015


Making smart energy choices is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your wallet.  With Energize Connecticut, a state-run initiative dedicated to bringing energy efficiency to homeowners throughout Connecticut, you can get rewarded for making smart choices.

What is Energize Connecticut?

Energize CT has a goal of building a clean energy future for everyone in the state. To achieve this goal, they provide information, advice, and funding to help homeowners and renters make the move to a more energy-efficient home. The initiative brings all of the state’s rebates, financing, and self-help guides to one easy-to-navigate location so going green is a snap.

Light it Up

Looking for a quick and easy way to shave dollars off your electric bill while doing something great for the environment? Energize Connecticut has teamed up with major retailers across the state to make energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs affordable and more accessible.

The program is simple. The next time you are shopping for replacement bulbs, look for the special green and white “Energize CT” label. When you find lighting products with this label, you’ll know you are getting these energy-efficient products at the best possible prices:

  • Light Fixtures. Outdated light fixtures are not always equipped to use current energy-efficient products. For example, if you have old recessed lighting fixtures in your home, you can get a retrofit kit to update them to new, more efficient LED technology.
  • Compact Fluorescent Lights. Most people quickly recognize the long, twisty CFLs that are easy to swap out with incandescent bulbs. Today’s CFLs are a little more attractive than the originals, and they last ten times longer while producing 75 percent less heat than incandescent bulbs.
  • Light Emitting Diode. LED bulbs use such a small amount of energy that they have permanently changed the energy-efficiency landscape. The bulbs look very similar to old incandescent bulbs but use 80 percent less energy. Don’t get scared away by the price tag; LED bulbs last a whopping 15 to 40 years so you won’t be changing them out any time soon.

Partner Up!

Energize CT is a natural fit for Energy Monster, and we’ve partnered up with them to make it even easier for you to go green. Along with no-cost energy efficient light bulbs and rebates on Energy Star rated appliances, we offer home energy assessments, air sealing in preparation for insulation upgrades, plenty of heating system incentives, and more.

To learn about how we can make your home more efficient for less money, call Energy Monster today at (877) 958-5126, or sign up for your energy assessment.

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