How to Save Money on Heating in Connecticut – Now!

Posted by Wattson on Mar 9, 2017

save money on heating

Ah, the joys of homeownership. You have a place all to yourself. You can choose your paint colors. You can add a room. You can build a deck. You’re the boss of this little plot of land that belongs to you and only you. You’re living the American dream.

Oh yeah, but it comes with a bit of a price tag: mortgage, property taxes, home insurance, maintenance, repairs… and that dreaded heating bill in your mailbox (or inbox) each month.

What if we told you that it is possible to save money on heating without making your family walk around in fur coats indoors?

How to Save Money on Heating in Connecticut

Did you know that every time you pay your heating bill, part of your payment actually goes towards funding a program that can help you lower your bill? That program is called Energize Connecticut. Electric and gas utility companies contribute to the Energize Connecticut program, which offers:

  • Energy-efficiency services for homeowners and businesses
  • Rebates and incentives on energy-saving (also read: money-saving) appliances, weatherization services, air leak sealing, insulation, and more
  • Financing programs that homeowners can tap into for energy-saving projects they’d like to do on their homes

Now we’ll let you in on the real secret to lowering your heating bill. You can tap into the Energize Connecticut program as follows.

Identify your heating problems by getting an energy assessment.

What is an energy assessment? Energize Connecticut works with utility companies and partners like Energy Monster to help homeowners get to the root of their home’s energy inefficiencies. Remember your home inspection from yesteryear? Energy assessments work pretty much the same way, except the focus is not only on finding your home’s problems, but also on fixing them.

Energy assessments take the guesswork out of figuring out whether your boiler is to blame, your drafty windows are letting all that precious heat escape, or if your home’s insulation could use some topping off. An energy assessment can take anywhere from 1-5 hours to complete, depending on the size on your home and the types of problems your energy adviser finds along the way. Your energy adviser will go through your home from top to bottom – literally, your attic to your basement – and will perform a series of tests on your home, such as:

  • Blower door test: The energy adviser will place a big blower/fan in one of your doorways and locate where the air leaks and drafts are in your home.
  • Duct air leak test: This test is similar to the blower door test; the energy adviser will check out your duct work to see if any heat/energy is escaping.
  • Heating equipment testing: The energy adviser will take a look at your heating system to make sure it’s running safely and optimally.

You can read more about all of the energy assessment tests here.

Once the tests are complete, your energy adviser will go over what problems he or she found, as well as recommendations for how to address them. One of best parts is: you can fix some, if not all, of those problems during your appointment! Your energy adviser can perform many heating bill-lowering measures during his/her visit:

  • Air leak sealing: The energy adviser will banish the air leaks found in your blower door test. Now your heat will stay inside your home where it belongs.
  • Duct air leak sealing: You’ll instantly feel a difference when heat makes its way through your duct system to the rooms/floors it was intended to heat (instead of getting lost in mysterious cavities around your home).
  • Going over rebates you’re eligible for and helping you apply for them: Your energy adviser may recommend additional energy-saving projects/devices, such as installing more insulation or replacing your clunky furnace. Partners like Energy Monster help you cut through the figurative red tape by taking care of the paperwork to apply for rebates, in addition to completing your insulation project.
  • A bonus energy-saving goody: light bulb replacement with awesome, new LED bulbs. You can get up to 25 shiny, energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs to replace your outdated incandescent ones.

After your energy assessment — much like your home inspection — you’ll get a write-up with all of your home’s recommendations and next steps. Simply put — you’ll have the ultimate game plan for getting your heating bill under control.

Give a little to get a lot back.

For a limited time only, the Energize Connecticut home energy assessment is available for just $149. That means that all of the tests and energy-saving services above are bundled into that investment. Like your favorite stock, you’ll see a return on your investment quickly. Most homeowners report saving up to 35% on their home energy bills after their assessment.

Yes, there is hope for getting a heating bill that won’t give you a headache. Get more information about the home energy assessment and other ideas to lower your energy bills by contacting our team today.

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