How to Score Home Insulation Rebates in Connecticut

Posted by Wattson on Feb 20, 2017

how to find home insulation rebates in connecticut

Struggling to stay warm in your home this winter? Feeling like no amount of hot chocolate you drink will do the trick? You may have an insulation problem. Here’s how to cash in on home insulation rebates available to Connecticut homeowners.

Step 1: Schedule a home energy audit with an Energize CT partner.

What is a home energy audit? Like the multi-point inspection you get at your car repair shop, a home energy audit:

  • Uncovers where you are losing energy (e.g. ductwork, cracks, drafts, etc.)
  • Checks for the safety of your heating equipment
  • Determines whether you need air sealing, insulation, and other energy-saving measures

An energy advisor sweeps through your home from top to bottom to identify money- and energy-saving opportunities. As an added bonus, you can take advantage of low- or no-cost LED light bulbs, water-saving devices, and more perks. Many of these items can also be installed on the day of your audit.

Step 2: Learn whether your home needs insulation.

Staying warm in the winter or cool in the summer may be a challenge for a number of reasons. Yes, you may not have enough insulation. Or you might not have the right kind of insulation in the right places. However, the following problems can also impact your home’s energy-efficiency:

  • Air is creeping out through drafty windows and doors
  • Your ductwork is not sealed properly
  • Your heating/cooling equipment is past its prime

Your energy advisor will take the guesswork out of figuring out where and why you’re losing energy by performing several tests during your energy audit.

Step 3: Apply for home insulation rebates available to you.

Once your energy advisor determines that insulation is to blame for your heating problems, it’s time to start saving! When you book your home energy audit with Energy Monster, we can help you learn whether you qualify for rebates through the Energize CT program. We’ll walk you through the application process and submit the rebate forms on your behalf.

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Step 4: Work with an Energize CT contractor to complete the insulation installation.

The advantage of getting your home energy audit with Energy Monster is that we can install your insulation, too. You don’t have to scour Angie’s List or go door-to-door to your neighbors to get referrals for an installer. We have an in-house (as in, not outsourced) team of experts who can help you:

  • Pinpoint where insulation is needed. Insulation can be installed in your outside walls, attic, basement, and nearly anywhere in your home.
  • Figure out what kind of insulation is best suited for those areas. Not all insulation was created equal; there are different types of insulation to perform different functions.
  • Determine how much insulation you need. A Connecticut home has different insulation needs than that of a Florida home. We can tell you what R-value you’ll need to weather an arctic chill like a champ.

Step 5: Enjoy a warm, cozy home in the winter, along with lower energy bills.

After your insulation is in place, you’ll notice the difference immediately. You’ll find yourself leaving the thermostat alone. Your wallet will thank you when your energy bills come in.

According to Green Home Gnome, “Insulation reduces the costs of heating and cooling by over 40 percent.”

Stop paying more than you have to for your energy bills. Schedule your Energize CT energy audit today.

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