Before You Call the Remodeling Contractors, Think Energy Efficiency

Posted by admin on Apr 18, 2017

what to do before you call the remodeling contractors

Are you planning a home remodeling project? Getting ready to sign the dotted line with one of the remodeling contractors you found on Angie’s List? While having a beautiful home may be front-of-mind for you right now, we encourage you to do one more thing: think about your home’s energy efficiency.

Why Should I Think About Energy Efficiency During a Home Renovation?

Yes, we know that remodeling projects aren’t normally associated with energy efficiency, but this is actually the perfect time to make efficiency improvements. Why? If you’re going through the trouble of gutting walls for a renovation, for example, you can:

  • Get easier access to seal gaps, nooks, and crannies that cause air/energy leaks. It’s better to take care of a simple (yet costly) problem like this now before you paint finished areas that perfect shade of asparagus green you worked so hard to pick out.
  • Replace, install, or beef up your insulation. While you can’t see insulation, installing it will instantly make your home more comfortable. Increased comfort is a great complement to any cosmetic changes you make to your home.
  • Replace outdated lighting with energy-efficient lighting. Incandescent light bulbs may be inexpensive to purchase but are wasteful for electricity. If you’re installing new light fixtures or recessed lighting, LED bulbs not only add another element of polish but are cost-efficient to use and maintain long-term.

But how is it possible to know what your home needs in order to start saving energy?

What Should I Do Before I Call the Remodeling Contractors?

Get a home energy assessment through the Energize CT program. It will help you learn whether there are energy efficiency home improvements you can make while you renovate. With a home energy assessment, an energy adviser will come to your home to investigate areas of energy inefficiency. Your energy adviser can help you:

  • Learn whether you are losing energy from areas in your home. Where exactly are your home’s air leaks? Is your insulation lacking? Your technician will check your home top to bottom to pinpoint your home’s inefficiencies.
  • Save big on fancy LED lights. You can get up to 25 LED light bulbs included in your energy assessment. These bulbs are typically pretty expensive upfront, but they save energy and last about 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs! Your technician can even help you install them.
  • Take advantage of rebates to seal up air leaks. Your energy adviser can help you seal them to start saving energy and money. Air leak sealing is included with your home energy assessment.
  • Make recommendations on whether you need insulation, and find insulation rebates to reduce the cost.

The One Step to Take Before You Remodel

Remodeling your home is a big step, so make sure you do it right. Knowing whether your home could use energy efficiency improvements is a wise first step to making your home both comfortable and beautiful. Schedule your home energy assessment with Energy Monster today.

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