Blower Door Test

Trying to determine where your energy is escaping from can seem like a daunting task.  Not to worry!  Energy Monster’s Blower Door Test can illuminate the source of the leak.  A Blower Door Test assesses your home’s air tightness and air escape paths by mounting a powerful fan into the frame of your home’s exterior door, pulling air out of the house and lowering the air pressure in your home.  The higher outside air pressure will then enter in through all of the unsealed cracks and openings.  Your Energy Monster Advisor will then conduct a spot-test to search for the air leakage areas with a thermal imaging camera.

After the completion of the Blower Door Test, Energy Monster can seal the leak areas in your home with caulk, foam and other materials.  Depending on home size, most of our clients’ installations are completed within a single visit.


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  • How Much Does It Cost?

    The Energize CT Home Energy Assessment is only $149 and includes testing and installation of various energy-saving equipment. This is a $1,000 value. See what’s included in your energy assessment.

  • Is There Financing Available?

    Yes! financing is available subject to credit approval. Please call us for more details.

  • What Type of Insulation Do You Use?

    We use the greenest of green products! The Blown-in Cellulose product that we use is not only green, but it’s also safe; it’s only treated with 100% pure Borate.

  • How Long Will My Project Take?

    The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most projects can be completed in just one day!

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