Energy Saving Lighting

In the last few decades, energy conservation has become more prevalent in every part of our daily lives.  From the car that you drive to the home that you live in, saving energy means saving money.  Most everything that we use in our homes has been designed for energy efficiency.  The addition of Energy Star appliances and equipment, proper insulation and air sealing of homes, and the use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) lamps, reduces energy consumption.

The easiest and least expensive place to start saving money in your home is with your lighting.  Replacing outdated incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs can lower your energy use.  You will also have better quality light in your home, and your light bulbs will have a greater life cycle, further reducing costs.

Benefits of Replacing Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs have changed very little since Thomas Edison began their production in 1880.  They have served their purpose and lit millions of homes, but their low energy conversion rate makes them inefficient.  The good news is that bulbs have been invented that light more economically.  Features of CFL and LED lights are:


  • Efficiency – Four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Lower wattage – Same light means that a 13-15 watt CFL bulb produces the same light as a 60-watt traditional bulb, while a 6-8 watt LED will emit the same 60 watts of light.
  • Longer Life Cycle – Traditional bulbs last about 1,200 hours, CFL’s last about 8,000 hours, and LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours.

By using CFL and LED bulbs, you will not only be saving energy in your home, you will also be saving the environment.  The energy that could be saved, if everyone converted to CFL bulbs would be enough energy:


  • To light over 3 million homes annually
  • To prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • To return a national savings of $700 million

By replacing your old bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs, you will be doing your part for the environment, while saving money.

Choosing the Right Light Bulb

Just like incandescent bulbs, CFL and LED bulbs have screw in bases that fit conventional light fixtures.  What you will find is that CFL’s and LED’s are more expensive than incandescent bulbs.  What you spend up front, however, will be saved in lowered energy costs.  In fact, you can expect to recoup the cost of the bulb in about six months.

Another difference in the three bulb styles is wattage.  Make sure that you look at the wattage comparison when shopping for CFL and LED bulb.  Smaller wattage for the same amount of light and longevity make them the right choice for cost reduction.

You can find the true value of changing from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs.  The energy savings calculator can quickly show you what your savings will be when converting to CFL or LED bulbs in your home.

Begin Saving Today

At Energy Monster, we can improve the energy efficiency of your home with a home energy assessment.  In our special package, we replace incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED lamps for no additional cost, we use infrared testing to test your home’s envelope for air leaks, and we test your furnace and duct work to determine the locations of energy loss in your home.

You can begin saving energy in your home today by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.  If you want to learn more ways to make your home more energy efficient, contact us to save money.

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    The Energize CT Home Energy Assessment is only $149 and includes testing and installation of various energy-saving equipment. This is a $1,000 value. See what’s included in your energy assessment.

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    We use the greenest of green products! The Blown-in Cellulose product that we use is not only green, but it’s also safe; it’s only treated with 100% pure Borate.

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