What Types of Home Improvement Contractors Do You Need?

Posted by Wattson on Apr 25, 2017

home improvement contractors

Are you considering a home improvement project? If you’re looking to make a change to your home, you may have found that it’s not always easy to choose a contractor. As it turns out, there are lots of different types of home improvement contractors, so it’s important to break them all down.

What types of home improvement contractors are out there?


Though they likely don’t call themselves handy-men or handy-women, you know who we’re talking about. They are those people you call when you need a quick fix around your home. They can do a little bit of everything, and generally aren’t too expensive to hire. For small jobs or repairs these folks will give you the best bang for your buck, but they may not be your best option for a big project.

Independent Contractors

An independent contractor– or subcontractor– is someone who performs certain tasks that are part of a larger project. They can be one-man-shops or small businesses, and are responsible for providing their own materials and equipment for hired projects.

If you’re going to hire independent contractors, find out what their specialty is before you sign an agreement. These specialties may include:

  • Interior design – If your job is focused on the look of your home, then an interior designer may be what you’re looking for. They do everything from painting or papering walls, to installing floors and cabinets.
  • Repair – Does your plumbing need to be fixed? Or is something wrong with your roof? While they’re a great resource, most homeowners don’t call repair contractors outside of an emergency.
  • Energy efficiency – Energy efficiency specialists are qualified technicians who can help with air leak sealing, insulation installation, and finding you money-saving rebates for your home.

General Contractors

General contractors usually hire subcontractors and are responsible for managing an entire construction site or project, acting as the lead on managing the different elements that make up a larger project. For example, a general contractor may hire one person to install bathroom tile, another to do the plumbing, and a third to build the bathroom walls. It is the general contractor’s responsibility to pay and manage these specialists, as well as to communicate with the customer regarding the work that is being done.

Before You Make the Call, Consider Your Home’s Energy Efficiency.

Different projects are going to require different expertise, but one thing that will always be important is energy efficiency. Before you start any home improvement project, call Energy Monster to schedule your home energy assessment. We’ll help you set the stage for what will be not only a beautiful house, but also a comfortable and energy-efficient home your whole family will enjoy.

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