Insulating a Drafty House in MA: What You Need to Know

Winter is fast approaching; are you bracing for the cold? Winter in Massachusetts is guaranteed to be icy, snowy, and frigid. On these cold winter days, many of us want nothing more ...

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Save Money This Winter With Mass Save Energy Rebates

Are you ready to start saving energy, money, and the environment this winter? Let’s face it: keeping a home warm through the winter is not an easy task. If your solution is ...

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How To Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is coming (and we’re not talking about the Starks). As the temperatures drop, you might want nothing more than to barricade yourself in your home by a nice cozy fireplace. But ...

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The Mass Save program offers no-cost home energy assessments that can save you lots of money on your home energy bills. However, there are a few things you should know before you schedule your audit.

How to Hire a Mass Save Contractor for a Home Energy Audit

Have you heard about the home energy assessment offered by Mass Save? When you schedule your assessment, a Mass Save energy technician will come to your home and inspect it for areas where your ...

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What’s Included in a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment?

Did you know that a Mass Save home energy assessment could be your first step towards an energy efficient home? Energy efficiency is more important now than ever before. Being conscious of ...

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How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof Posted by admin on Jan 24, 2019

how to prevent ice dams on roof

As a Massachusetts homeowner, you’re no stranger to ice and snow. Every winter seems to bring cold weather and record-breaking storms. But while you may b...

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6 Reasons to Book a Home Energy Audit with Energy Monster Posted by Wattson on Dec 13, 2018

book a home energy audit

If you’ve lived in New England for a few years, you already know what to expect from our intense winters: snow, sleet, subzero temperatures—and rising e...

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DIY Home Energy Audit vs. Hiring a Professional Posted by Wattson on Nov 15, 2018

diy home energy audit

It’s time to face the facts: here in New England, winter has arrived. We’ve already seen heavy snows and record cold, and there’s more where that came...

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Why is a Ductless Mini Split from Mitsubishi a Good Investment? Posted by chider on Oct 18, 2018

ductless mini split mitsubishi

By now, you’ve certainly heard the buzz about ductless mini splits - the air conditioning units that are small, efficient, and simple to install. There ar...

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The Top Energy Audit Companies in Massachusetts Posted by Wattson on Sep 20, 2018

top energy audit companies

You’re ready to make a change in the way your home uses energy—great! Whether you want to reduce your impact on your environment, reduce your monthly ut...

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Why Is My Electric Bill so High: 4 Possible Reasons Posted by Wattson on Aug 16, 2018

why is my electric bill so high

As we enter August, summer in Massachusetts is in full swing. It’s hot. It’s humid. And energy costs across the state are skyrocketing. Take one look at...

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What Your Home Energy Auditor May Not Tell You Posted by Wattson on Jul 19, 2018

home energy auditor

It’s probably safe to assume that by now, you’ve heard about Mass Save home energy assessments. After all, it seems like every energy efficiency contra...

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What to Look for When Choosing a Mass Save Contractor Posted by Wattson on Jun 21, 2018

choosing a contractor mass save

So you’re ready to get your home energy assessment. You’ve heard great things about the Mass Save program and you’re ready to roll. Great - time to ge...

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What is a Mini Split? And How Does it Work? Posted by chider on May 10, 2018

what is a mini split

Have you heard about ductless mini-split air conditioners? These units are rapidly growing in popularity, and with another hot New England summer looming, y...

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Energy Monster’s Guide to Mass Save Rebates and Incentives Posted by Wattson on Apr 12, 2018

guide to Mass Save rebates

As a homeowner, you’re no stranger to high energy costs - but that doesn’t mean you like seeing those high numbers on your utility bills each month! E...

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