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Heating and Cooling Rebates for Municipal Homeowners Posted by Wattson on Oct 10, 2019

Fall is in full swing! This means the start of cool mornings, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and spooky hay bail rides with friends and family. The season always starts the same: with nice brisk mornings that slowly heat up into the 60s making for great sweater weather. But we all know this doesn’t last long. It will only be a few ...

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Home MVP Program Financing: Helping You Save Money for What Matters Most Posted by Wattson on Jul 3, 2019

home mvp program financing

Summer is finally here. The sun is out, the kids are home from school, and it’s time to have some summer fun! But despite all of the excitement, are you dreading high energy bills? An inefficient home could be hiking up those utility costs, but can you afford to make upgrades? Let’s face it: you want to spend your money on fun vac...

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The Best Home Energy Efficiency Programs in MA Posted by Wattson on Jun 6, 2019

home energy efficiency program

Massachusetts has been making great gains in energy efficiency over the past several years, being named the most energy-efficient state in the nation for its eighth consecutive year! With several home energy efficiency programs available to MA residents, it’s easy for homeowners to save money on energy costs—while also reducing ou...

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What is the Home MVP Program for MA Residents? Posted by Wattson on May 16, 2019

what is the home mvp program

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard the buzz about the Mass Save home energy assessment, designed to reduce energy usage in our state by helping homeowners understand and improve their consumption. But have you heard about the Home MVP program sponsored by MassDOER? What is the Home MVP program—and is it the right option for you...

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How to Get a No-Cost Audit Through a Municipal Energy Program Posted by Wattson on May 2, 2019

municipal energy program

Everyone is talking about the Mass Save home energy assessment, designed to save homeowners energy and money—but did you know that Mass Save’s services are only for homes in non-municipal towns? So what are you supposed to do if you live in one of Massachusetts’ many municipalities? As an energy-conscious resident, how can yo...

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Is a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment Really Free? Posted by Wattson on Apr 25, 2019

mass save home energy assessment free

This blog was originally published on September 22, 2017. It has been updated for relevancy and accuracy. Did you know that in Massachusetts, you can receive an assessment of your home’s energy usage (and a plan for improvements) at no cost? It’s called the Mass Save home energy assessment, and it aims to reduce your home’s e...

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How to Hire a Mass Save Contractor for a Home Energy Audit Posted by Wattson on Mar 21, 2019

hire a mass save contractor

This blog was originally published on March 22, 2016. It has been updated for relevancy and accuracy. By now, you’ve probably heard about the no-cost home energy audit offered by Mass Save. Whether you’ve heard ads on the radio or seen them on TV, visited contractors’ websites, or received letters in the mail offering to insp...

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How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof Posted by admin on Jan 24, 2019

how to prevent ice dams on roof

As a Massachusetts homeowner, you’re no stranger to ice and snow. Every winter seems to bring cold weather and record-breaking storms. But while you may be used to the harsh weather, do you know what it’s doing to your home? Do you know how to prevent ice dams on your roof? Watch our appearance on The Round Table Radio to learn...

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6 Reasons to Book a Home Energy Audit with Energy Monster Posted by Wattson on Dec 13, 2018

book a home energy audit

If you’ve lived in New England for a few years, you already know what to expect from our intense winters: snow, sleet, subzero temperatures—and rising energy costs. With the holidays fast approaching, you’ve got better things to spend your money on than a high heating bill! The time to do something about your home’s energy was...

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DIY Home Energy Audit vs. Hiring a Professional Posted by Wattson on Nov 15, 2018

diy home energy audit

It’s time to face the facts: here in New England, winter has arrived. We’ve already seen heavy snows and record cold, and there’s more where that came from. And as any Massachusetts homeowner can tell you, the cold winter weather will undoubtedly lead to higher energy bills. If you’re looking to avoid that yearly spike in util...

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