Going Solar in Massachusetts Is Easy

Residential Solar Power

Going solar in Massachusetts is an excellent home energy solution, which is why it’s been growing in popularity over the years. Installing solar panels in your home doesn’t just decrease energy use; it also increases your home’s value and can save you 70% or more on utility costs! And with state and federal incentives for homeowners, now is the best time to go solar.


Commercial Solar Power

Saving energy isn’t just for homes! Installing solar panels onto your commercial building will help you better manage your energy in an affordable way. Benefits of commercial solar panels include:

  • Better management of energy expenses
  • Lowered cost of operations
  • Meeting (or exceeding!) sustainability goals

Our Trusted Solar Solutions

As one of the Top 100 American Residential Solar Installers in 2018, Energy Monster has installed hundreds of residential and commercial solar solutions.  Our team installs only the best-performing solar technologies in the industry, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with world-class service and support.  That’s why we partner with some of the top brand names in the industry, including:

Energy Monster’s unique three-step process enables our customers to go solar easily, and to feel empowered to choose the best options for their unique solar applications.  

1. Assess

Before you begin picking out panels, the Energy Monster team will perform a solar assessment. We will take the time to determine whether or not your home or building is a good candidate for solar based on its size, solar orientation, and energy consumption.

At this point, our team will be able to address common concerns that people have about solar, such as:

  • Panel style. We use newer panels that offer a sleeker look, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your home’s style.
  • Cost. How much will installation cost? Will you buy outright or finance? Our team will help you to determine the right option for you and can help you find State and Federal incentives to offset the cost.
  • Savings Estimate. How much will going solar save you?

Once we have a good idea of your solar needs, our design team will create a customized design solution. The assessment and design are obligation-free, so you can feel confident in getting your solar assessment.

The pros and cons of buying outright vs. financing solar panels

2. Install

Get excited! It’s time to implement. Our team is committed to making this process simple, so we’ll take care of the logistical work: connecting your solar energy system with local utilities and filing for local building permits.

Next comes the installation. Energy Monster typically spends 1 to 3 days installing the solar system, depending on the size of your roof. Once you have passed a municipal inspection and received approval to energize, you can officially go solar!

3. Save

This is the fun part! You’ll start saving energy right away with your new environmentally-friendly solar-powered building – which means you’ll also start saving money. Financial benefits of going solar include:

  • Solar owners can participate in MA’s SMART Program: which pays YOU for your energy produced!
  • Tax benefits including a 30% Federal Investment Tax credit
  • A Massachusetts state tax credit for up to $1,000


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  • Are there incentives for solar installations?

    Yes! A 30% federal tax credit and a $1000 state of MA tax credit are available for every solar installation. You may also collect SREC’s in MA (1 SREC per every 1000 kWh produced by your system). Commercial solar installations are eligible to depreciate their solar installations on top of the tax credits.

  • How long will my solar project take?

    The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most residential installations typically take a couple of days.

  • Is there financing available?

    Yes! 100% financing is available subject to credit approval. Apply Online Now!


After installing solar panels, one month my electric bill was -$8.00. Things are working out great.

Christian P.,

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